7 Steps To Invest Like The 1%

Here are 7 steps to invest like the 1%.
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Here is the flowchart from the bogleheads guide:

I like to compare investing to my favorite video game of all time – Final Fantasy 7. This is how I think about when investing. Before we put our money into stocks, crypto, real estate, etc, we have to equip a few “special items” to maximize our “grinding”. Grinding is consistent investing, so in order to boost our levels faster – we have to create special accounts that will help us become millionaires faster. Here is the bogleheads flowchart.

Let’s start by equipping ourselves with the best accounts in the game. If you work for a company, most likely – they’ll have some sort of a 401k plan you can sign up for, if you don’t have one – Get one.

A 401K is an employer sponsored defined-contribution pension account. In simple words, it means an account that a company will offer employees where our can put your money into that will come directly from our paycheck – before we get paid.

Pick which one you’d like. There are two choices that you’ll be presented with, either a traditional 401k or a Roth 401K. The recommended choice is a Traditional 401K for most people – not all people but for most people. If you don’t know which one yours is, just double check with HR or login to your investment account with your company. Once you’ve done that, invest only what you’re employer is willing to match but nothing more.

The secret is that you can get yourself a traditional 401k – put your “pre tax” money into that, which you can use to lower your taxable income – aka you’ll pay less taxes – and with the savings from not paying as much taxes – you can use to fund your Roth IRA.

Let’s get the most out of leveling up which is to get rid of high interest rate debt. This is because paying off a high interest rate is essentially the same thing as investing into a high interest rate account. It’s a guaranteed return on our money.

STEP 3: This is optional – It’s a side quest special item we have to find and equip and that is to get an HSA. An HSA is a health savings account which is a triple tax advantaged account.

STEP 4: Get a Roth IRA and max it out ($6,000 a year limit)

STEP 5: Max out the remainder of the Traditional 401k.

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