An Important Message To All Investors

Here is a message for all investors and how to invest in the stock market going forward – enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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I’m sure – by now – we’ve all heard the saying: Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy, and Greedy When Others Are Fearful. That was a quote by our almighty investing savior, Warren Buffet, who spoke those words during a 1986 shareholder meeting, only a year before the infamous Monday of 1987, where the stock markets plummeted over 22% in a single day.

That was definitely a moment for history, and since then – regulations have been put in place to prevent such a drop from ever happening again, otherwise known as a stock market “Circuit Breaker.” They act exactly how you’d expect a circuit breaker to act, by temporarily pausing the stock market when a certain loss threshold is met.

Sure enough…that’s what we saw today. The markets opened this morning down 7%, which temporarily halted trading for the first 15 minutes of the day. Should things continue to get worse, trading will halt again for another 15 minutes if we see a 13% drop in prices…and, trading will stop ENTIRELY if we see a 20% drop in price in a single day.

Anyway, back to my concern. I remember starting my Real Estate Career in the beginning of 2008, RIGHT as real estate prices had peaked and were about to undergo one of the worst price drops in history. From the outside looking in, it really appeared as though this would’ve been the absolute WORST, UNLUCKIEST time to jump into the markets. However, even though I certainly questioned the timing of my entire career….I gotta say, going through that recession at an early age, in the workforce, at a time where everything kept falling, really provided me with a unique outlook on the markets and how they behave.

Seeing this happen was really such a transformative experience…and now, looking back, I believe it were those moments that REALLY solidified and re-enforced my desire to save as much as I can, cut back on spending, and invest as much as possible…so, THAT WAY, I’d be prepared in the event something happens…like, what we’re seeing today.

Now, I get it…I sound like a broken record because I’ve said it before, time and trim again….that you CANNOT time the markets, NO ONE knows what’s going to happen, and the BEST strategy is simply to BUY and HOLD. But, whether or not people will actually FOLLOW that advice is an entirely different story.

It’s so easy to believe in the process of “buy and hold, and invest as soon as possible” when everything is going up. That makes investing look REALLY easy, and gives a false sense of security just seeing the markets continue to inch higher and higher, every single month. But, VERY few people can actually follow this method when prices are going down.

I’m just concerned that, lately, it’s become so easy to be disillusioned with record-setting profits, that during a REAL downturn, people won’t know how to behave or prepare. Especially at a time where unemployment goes up, profits go down, and jobs become harder to come by…it’s going to test a LOT of people’s endurance, and whether or not they will be able to come out of this a better investor.

Even though NO ONE knows what will happen, or how quickly this will blow over, or how much worse this will get…do your best not to worry from spooky headlines, and continue investing as normal. Now is the time for you to double down on your work, take on as many side jobs as you can, focus on bringing in consistent income, building up your safety fund, and buying into the markets consistently. I’m sticking with the philosophies that I’ve talked about here on the channel for over 3 years, now…and, really, absolutely NOTHING changes.

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