Gold Absolutely Has To Be a Part of Your Portfolio, Here’s Why: Cam Currie

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Senior Investment Advisor at Canaccord Genuity Cam Currie makes a rare media appearance live in-studio to tell investors why having gold in their portfolio is essential in 2023. Cam discusses the growing trend of dedollarisation and reveals some very impactful behind-the-scenes news in the precious metals industry that he thinks will provide massive tailwinds for gold moving forward.

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00:00 Introduction
01:17 Moving Away From the US Dollar
05:30 What’s Driving the Flight From USD?
07:24 Chasing Trends in the Market
09:17 What Should Retail Investors Do?
12:45 Effects of Low Interest Rates
16:46 Is it Time to Play Defense?
19:08 Tailwinds For Copper
22:29 Gold Has to Be in Your Portfolio
25:32 Behind-the-Scenes of Precious Metals Markets
27:49 Gold Equities Are Undervalued
32:48 Supply Side of the Gold Sector
34:17 Evaluating Gold Companies
37:35 Sentiment Shift in Gold
42:21 New Gold-Backed Crypto
43:30 Calling For Physical Gold Delivery

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