How Michael Burry Is Preparing For The Market Crash 2.0

Michael Burry has a new big short and it’s got nothing to do with the housing market. Let’s dive into this short as well as the other 11 stocks he currently owns.

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Michael Burry has being very vocal on the market crash occurring over the past year or so. He’s compared today’s market to 2008, saying it’s like watching a plane crash, he showed how the market was tracking to go down and said it it was a massive speculative bubble that was going to pop.

Now most people did not believe him, many people called him a broken clock, that is always getting things wrong. But a lot of people are taking back what they said, after seeing what’s happening in the market this year. It appears that Burry was right with his market crash prediction.

If you look at all major indicators on the stock market they have fallen. S & P 500 down 21%, Nasdaq down 24%, Russell 2000 down 25%, all of these in bear market territories…

Now what I want to do in this video is look at how Burry is prepared for these market conditions. What does his portfolio look like, what type of stocks does he own? So if we do a little dive into his 13f filing, we can see that he owns 12 positions in his portfolio that he has disclosed to the public. So let’s see what those 12 positions are…

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