Revealing ALL My Investments At 32

Revealing all my investments at age 32

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Today I will go through each and every single asset class and investment and show you what I have my money invested in from stocks, crypto, real estate, dividends, and how much I have in each as well as what I’ve learned from each one of them. What I realized in my early 20s was that the moment I started tracking my money, my savings rate, how much I was spending, investing that money and openly talk about it and surrounding myself with people who thought the same way I did, everything in my life changed. I wish more people would talk about money and investing so I hope this helps someone out (all values are estimates)


Robinhood app: So far I have $368,691, and just last month I officially broke a personal passive income record of 4 figures. I’ve never made a thousand dollars in dividends and it’s kind of crazy to think that someone can be paid a thousand dollars for doing nothing. When stocks are down I’m happy because I can buy more of them on sale. When my stocks go up in value I become more rich on paper which makes me happy so it’s a win win. Dividends are amazing.

WeBull App: I have roughly $18,000 and half of that was from the free stocks I got which I should not have sold, I should have held on to them but they were small companies that at the time no one cared about and neither did I – lesson learned. Hold on to your small cap stocks, they’re going to win and make you more money than the larger cap stocks.

M1 Finance: I have my Roth IRA with M1 – I put 100% of my pie into VTI and I’m already up 47%. My $6,000 is now worth $8,820, proving that growth investing with indexes is going to make you more money – you won’t be paid dividends, but you’ll have more money in the long run if you can stomach the volatility.

Stock total: $395,000


I have 8.7 Bitcoin, and 90 Ether on BlockFi. I also have 2,592 Cardano in my Binance account which I made a video about, it’s supposed to be an alternative to Ethereum, it’s like crypto 3.0, really strong community behind it but I’m still very conservative on it. I also have .01 Bitcoin all totaling roughly $10,326. on Coinbase Pro I keep roughly $50,000 in cash which I use to dollar cost average into Bitcoin every day at about $1,000 a day. I also have 16 million OMI tokens in my Trust Wallet app which is about $146,000. I made a video about OMI, I’m really excited about it and I think it’s going to be a big player in the NFT space.

Cryptocurrency total: $922,000.


I recently bought a house, I was very lucky to get in when I did, I paid $735,000 cash, I made a separate video about that as well. I’m having the house remodeled and upgraded but since buying it, it has grown in value but I’ll just cap it at $735,000. The way I look at buying a house is, it’s not me actually spending $735,000, it’s more like converting cash into an asset. Cash is not really an asset, it loses value, so converting it into something tangible and something that at least should hold its value is a smart move. Plus it gives me a place to live, and makes it easier for me because now I have more space to dedicate making YouTube videos, that asset grows in value, and I get to save money by writing off taxes. It’s a win win. I also have roughly $28,000 in my Fundrise app which is more of “digital real estate” investing. The verdict is still out on whether or not I enjoy using Fundrise – the results have been weak but partially because I assumed the app would do a good job on auto mode (it doesn’t).


Normally I invest 95% of my cash but because I have a lot of taxes to pay and sometimes there are investment opportunities, I keep a lot more than I did before I started my YouTube channel. The total is 1,443,000 (using the Mint app)

THE GRAND TOTAL: 3,523,000 (ish)

I’m beyond lucky to have gotten to this point and I wouldn’t be here without you watching my videos – thank you.

*None of this is meant to be construed as investment advice, it’s for entertainment purposes only. Links above include affiliate commission or referrals. I’m part of an affiliate network and I receive compensation from partnering websites. The video is accurate as of the posting date but may not be accurate in the future.