The End Of Retirement – Major Changes Explained

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All of this begins in 1994, when the 4% rule was first “invented,” and used as a method of calculation to make sure you NEVER run out of money in retirement.

However, just a few days ago, the Creator, Bill Bengen, went on record to say that “current market conditions may require an even more conservative approach, and that the combination of 8.5% inflation with high stock and bond market valuations makes it difficult to forecast whether the standard playbook will work for recent retirees.”

On top of that, many investment analysts are also calling for LOWER STOCK MARKET RETURNS in the near future – which, could very well effect how much money you make…and, spend.

MorningStar recently came on record saying that: “if inflation, which is at a 30-year-high, remains at or near today’s level for an extended period, even a reduction to 3.3% could prove optimistic.”

They also suggested that, if you want to spend MORE than that – it’s a good idea to be flexible. You can opt to work longer, delay when you start taking social security, or save more so that you can spend a smaller percentage.

Other advisers recommend CHANGING your spending every year in response to the market, meaning – you’ll spend more when times are good, and spend less when Netflix sees slowing subscriber growth. This way, you preserve your wealth as best as possible – and never spend more than the market can sustain.

And really, all of this should be used as purely a rule of thumb, and by understanding the math behind what this is and what it does…you’ll be able to better budget how much you’ll need to save and invest. Just take how much money you’ll need in retirement…multiply that by 20 to 33…and that’s approximately how much you’ll need, depending how long of a retirement you’d like to have.

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